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$50 non-refundable deposit at time of order to secure your date. Half of remaining balances due 3 weeks prior to delivery. The remaining balance due upon delivery drop-off or pick-up. Set-up not included. Rush orders accepted upon availability. For rush orders, half of balance due upon order to secure date and remaining balance due upon delivery.
Deliveries are subject to an additional $25 convenience charge per zone. Minimum order requirement is $120. All balances are subject to a 9.5% sales tax. Balances may be paid in full to avoid exchanging tender on your wedding day or event. Accepted tender are cash, credit/debit card, check, and PayPal. My prices are more affordable than retail, because I work from my home. I only take a couple weddings each weekend. What I offer to my clients that is unique is the ability to customize their wedding flowers to their personal style, motif, and that the master florist, myself and my team are creating your order for you. No overhead costs deliver savings to you. These prices are based on seasonal flowers at the time of your event. Non-seasonal flowers and specialty pre-orders are a custom quote. ​I provide creative suggestions to fit most budgets. Let me give you a quote and maybe we can customize a floral masterpiece that fits into your wedding style! 

Wedding Party:
 Traditional Hand-Tied Bridal Bouquet $100
Bridal Cascading Bouquet $120
Bridal Crescent Bouquet $120
Groom, Groomsmen, Family/Honored Guest(s), Officiant, Ring Bearer, Ushers, Vocalist(s), Pianist, Hostess Boutonnieres $5
Ladies Pin Corsages or Wrist Corsages $15
Bridesmaid Bouquets & Extra Bouquet(s) to Toss $40
*Some brides prefer 1 toss bouquet so she & her bridesmaids can keep theirs as a keepsake. Some order 1 extra to fake tossing a bonus, but instead give it to one deserving person.
Flower Girl Flower Ball $30 (sm), $40 (med), $50 (lrg)

Flower Basket (small amount of rose petals included) $30

Flower Tiara $30

Centerpieces & Head Table: Centerpieces are often used for guest tables, bridal (head) table, cake table, buffet table, guest book table, gift table, bar, refreshment table, & other tables.Display the bridal and bridesmaid’s bouquets in their vases. Re-use the altar spray, large urn, or tall vase arrangements that sit on top of the podiums on each side of the head table after the ceremony. Some head tables are just the bride and groom. Some head tables display the main wedding party. Both are popular options. Reception centerpieces can be pre-used as aisle decorations if style is pre-planned, then moved to become reception centerpieces while guests wait to be let inside the reception room. Tall altar arrangements that were used for the altar decorations can be re-used following the ceremony for the reception buffet tables, guest book & gifts table, reception tables, and also to adorn the head table. Multiple floral purposes that are thought out with your florist save costs and look great!

Short Vase Centerpiece (Short vase included. Arrangements can be made as mini bouquets for easy transport & as party favors as compared to loose flowers.) 
$30 (sm), $40 (med), $50 (lrg)

Tall Vase Reception Centerpieces (Designer vases are rented & included in cost) $75 (sm), $100 (med), $125 (lrg). & $150 (x-lrg)

​ *Tall vase centerpieces begin at a larger size than the short vase centerpieces, because the height and distance from the audience dwarfs small scale arrangements. The next level larger would be altar arrangements, which are designed to be more grand to fill in the ceremonial space.
Floral Wreath Centerpiece (Candles in the center aren't provided. Can add a vase centerpiece with additional cost added.) $40 (sm), $50 (med), $60 (lrg)
Short Basket Centerpiece $40 (sm), $50 (med), $60 (lrg)
Centerpiece (no vase used, tray included) $40 (sm), $50 (med), $60 (lrg)
Altar & Head Table Spray $125 (sm), $150 (med), & $175 (lrg)
Tall Altar Tribute Arrangements (vase included) $125 (sm), $150 (med), $175 (lrg), & $200 (x-lrg)

Altar & Aisle Decorations: 
*Altar decorations begin at a larger size, because the height and distance from the audience dwarfs small scale arrangements. They are much larger than the largest tall vase reception centerpiece in order to be more grand and fill in the ceremonial distance between the wedding party at the front of the altar to the audience sitting from the back. 
​Unity Candle Arrangement (candle not included) $40 (sm), $50 (med), $60 (lrg)
Box of Rose Petals (covers 5' on both sides of aisle) $30
Custom Silk Bows $10 each
Custom Aisle Bows $10 each
Aisle Pew Floral Bouquet $30 (sm), $40 (med), & $50 (lrg)
Aisle Pew Flower Balls $30 (sm), $40 (med), $50 (lrg)
Aisle Pew Flower Vase Decoration $30 (sm), $40 (med), $50 (lrg)
Floral Urn Arrangements $125 (sm), $150 (med), $175 (lrg), & $200 (x-lrg)
Tribute Baskets $125 (sm), $150 (med), & $175 (lrg)
Tribute Standing Spray $125 (sm), $150 (med), & $175 (lrg)
Tall Altar Tribute Arrangement (vase included) $125 (sm), $150 (med), & $175 (lrg)
Floral Picture Frame (Life Size) $150

Specialized Altar Decorations - Custom Quote

Ladies Pin Corsages or Wrist Corsages $15
Men’s Boutonnieres $5
*Altar decorations begin at a larger size, because the height and distance from the audience dwarfs small scale arrangements. They are much larger than the largest tall vase reception centerpiece in order to be more grand and fill in the ceremonial distance. 
Floral Urn Arrangements $125 (sm), $150 (med), & $175 (lrg)
Tribute Baskets $125 (sm), $150 (med), & $175 (lrg)
Altar Spray $125 (sm), $150 (med), & $175 (lrg)
​ ​Tribute Standing Spray $125 (sm), $150 (med), & $175 (lrg)


During a consultation, we go over what you would like created for your order, answer style questions, next steps, and costs. I create your flowers 24-48 hours before your event so that the flowers are fresh. During this short time, so many things are going on in terms of wedding preparation. It's nice to know you don't have to worry about flowers.  

Below are some things to consider prior to a consultation appointment:
What are your colors?
What style of bouquet do you want...traditional hand-tied bouquet, cascading bouquet, or crescent bouquet?
How many bridesmaids, groomsmen, dads, moms, grandmothers, grandfathers, children, etc.?
Is there a theme? Beach? What city will the wedding be at? What time? 
A picture(s) of what type of bridal bouquet you want?

You can reference my photo gallery or search Google Images for ideas of what you like and attached those in an email over to me.

Just type in the search word: "bridal bouquet"
​ https://www.google.com

Disclaimer: The overall style and color designs will be modeled, but flexibility to the seasonal flower selection is requested as availability and quality selections are subject to market conditions the week of your wedding or event. 

Important Resources:
Ultimate Wedding Planning Checklist:http://www.realsimple.com
Classic Wedding Day Schedule:http://theknot.ninemsn.com

To schedule a consultation or to get more details, please click on the “Contact” button above to submit an consultation request.

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