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My family moved to the United States from Laos in 1984. I grew up in Auburn, WA. I went to the University of Washington for my undergraduate degree and completed my graduate degree online at Westwood College. As an artist, I love to express myself through oil paint and creating custom designed wedding flowers. I have been doing it for family and friends. After doing it for my wedding, there was no one else in my network getting married. I was encouraged to offer my artistry to the public. So, here I am. What I offer to my clients that is unique is the ability to customize their wedding flowers to their personal style, motif, and that the master florist (myself) is creating your order for you. Thank you for visiting. 

Everett, WA 98203

Telephone:       206-574-8844
E-mail: eslcomputertraining@gmail.com

​WA State Unified Business ID:  603 392 941